UCLA granted a $8.4 DARPA project to research spin logic technologies

UCLA has received a $8.4 million grant from DARPA to research ultra-low-power, non-volatile logic technologies. This is the same DARPA project that also awarded a contract to Grandis on the same subject a couple of weeks ago.

The UCLA researchers are aiming to develop a prototype non-volatile logic circuit, which could lead to the development of new classes of ultra–low-power, high-performance electronics. The research program will explore three technical areas: the behavior of nanoscale magnetic materials; the fabrication and testing of a non-volatile logic circuit; and the development of novel circuits and circuit-design tools.

The project will be managed at UCLA by research associate Pedram Khalili and will be led under principal investigators Kang Wang and Alex Khitun. It will involved researchers from UCLA, UC Irvine, Yale University and the University of Massachusetts.

Posted: Dec 08,2010 by Ron Mertens