Grandis to develop non-volatile spin logic applications

Grandis has been awarded a new contract from DARPA to use their spintronics and magnetic-material expertise and develop non-volatile spin logic applications: which promises non-volatile, ultra-fast, radiation-hard and radically lower power consumption.

Development work will focus on integrating magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) materials capable of sensing very small magnetic fields with nano-magnets performing logic operations. The goal is to demonstrate non-volatile spin logic circuits operating at ultra-fast speeds of less than 1 nanosecond and ultra-low power consumption of less than 10 atto-Joules per operation. Such performance coupled with the inherent non-volatility of spin logic devices will enable not just significant reductions in the active power consumption of microprocessors but also the virtual elimination of standby power consumption.

Posted: Nov 19,2010 by Ron Mertens