Superconductive spintronics devices may enable zero power computing

Researchers from Cambridge showed that superconductors could be used as an energy-efficient source for spintronics devices - this was not believed to be possible by most researchers. Superconducting spintronics devices may enable powerful circuits that consumer very little power (in fact superconductors offer 100% energy efficiency).

The researchers showed that electrons spin can be detected and manipulated in the current flowing from a superconductor. They achieved that feat by adding an intervening magnetic layer (made from Holmium) to the superconductor. This layer allowed them to manipulate the electrons spin.

The team is now working to develop a prototype memory element based on superconducting spin currents. They are also looking for new material combinations to increase the effectiveness of their method.

Posted: Jan 17,2014 by Ron Mertens