The Spin on Electronics: Free two-day Discussion Meeting, London UK

There's a free discussion meeting in London, UK, about Spintronics. It will take place at 28-29  September 2009, at The Royal Society, London. Here's what the organizers say:

Recent advances in generating, manipulating and detecting spin-polarized electrons promise entirely new classes of spin based sensor, memory and logic devices, generally referred to as the field of spintronics.

These advances are based on recent fundamental discoveries involving spin polarized current in novel nano-materials, including, giant tunnelling magnetoresistance, the spin Hall effect, and the excitation of magnetization via the transfer of spin angular momentum from spin polarized current.

Confirmed speakers are: Professor Ian Appelbaum, Professor David Awschalom, Professor Sergei Demokritov, Professor Albert Fert, Professor Claudia Felser, Professor Bert Koopmans, Professor Daniel Loss, Professor Hideo Ohno, Professor Stuart Parkin FRS, Professor Dan Ralph, Professor Theo Rasing, Professor Yeong-Ah Soh Professor Yoshishige Suzuki, Professor Yoshi Tokura and Professor Shoucheng Zhang.

Posted: Jun 12,2009 by Ron Mertens