AMSC (MEMS and Spintronics company) on its way to the NASDAQ

Plures Technologies announced that it will merge with CMSF Corporation, a publicly traded company with no significant operations. This means that the Plures will become a public company (OTCBB:CMSF). The public company will be called Plures Technologies. Plures main business it its 95% stake in Advanced MicroSensors Corporation (AMS). AMS is a semiconductor foundry, which develops and fabricates MEMS and spintronics solutions.

AMS's magnetic sensor product line uses magnetoresistive (AMR, GMR) materials and magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs). According to the company, their sensors exhibit excellent performance, and they outperform traditional Hall Effect devices with regard to size, power, sensitivity, accuracy and resolution.

The company's Spintronics technology can be used for magnetic data recording, magnetic switches, electronic compassing sensors, bio sensors (detecting proteins) and implanatable devices (the construction of 3D micro structures with high aspect-ratios for applications such as radiation monitors, chemical and environmental sensors, and nerve stimulation).

Posted: Jun 20,2011 by Ron Mertens