Opening discussion at the International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference about IBM's RaceTrack memory

This year’s fifth annual International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference (IWLPC), October 13-16, 2008 will be the largest ever, according to Dr. Ken Gilleo, IWLPC general chair.

“Exhibitor and attendee interest has been very high, and we anticipate this year’s event will be the largest, as well as the most comprehensive, in our history,” Dr. Gilleo said. With two months to go, the 60-table exhibitor space at our Wyndham Hotel venue is nearly fully occupied.

At a special morning opening address on October 15, 2008, Dr. Stuart Parkin, a Fellow at IBM’s Almaden Research Laboratory, San Jose, California, will discuss “racetrack memory.” Dr. Parkin, a specialist in “spintronics,” will reveal how racetrack memory may lead to solid-state electronics with no moving parts, capable of holding an unparalleled amount of data.

Posted: Aug 15,2008 by Ron Mertens