A new technology aims to improving the reliability of spintronics logic ICs

NEC and Tohoku University have developed a new technology that aims to improving the reliability of spintronics logic integrated circuits. This could lead to devices that have a standby power of zero. They have verified this new technology on a prototype chip.

NEC and Tohoku's new device structure connects spin elements in a series, which prevents power consumption from increasing and prevents the area of the circuit from becoming larger. These highly reliable circuit components also support automatic placement and wiring, which means that highly reliable non-volatile logic integrated circuits can be designed even without expertise in spintronics technology.

According to NEC, the new technology delivers non-volatile logic integrated circuits with high reliability and also allows designing a non-volatile circuit without knowledge of Spintronics technology.

Both NEC and Tohoku University will continue research and development with the goal of commercializing these circuits in the near future.

Posted: Jun 18,2012 by Ron Mertens