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Spintronics is the new science of computers and memory chips that are based on electron spin rather than (or in addition to) the charge (used in electronics). Spintronics is an exciting field that holds promise to build faster and more efficient computers and other devices.

Recent spintronics News

Researchers create a promising new spintronics compound

Jul 22, 2016

Researchers from MIT, NIST, Carnegie Mellon University and the Beijing Institute of Technology demonstrated a new hybrid compound that is both intrinsically (exotic) magnetic and has a topological character.

Gt-Bi-Pt compound crystals (MIT)Crystals of Gadolinum, platinum and bismuth

The compound, made from gadolinium, platinum, and bismuth, is an antiferromagnet, and it exhibits the largest Berry phase corrections to electronic behavior to date.

Carbon nanospheres discovered to be a promising spintronics materials

Jul 22, 2016

Researchers from EPFL discovered that carbon "nanospheres" can be an effective platform to control electron spin. Experiments have shown that such carbon spheres can control an electron spin at even 27 degrees Celsius. 

The researchers say that in carbon nanospheres, the electron spin is retaied for 175 nano seconds. This is the longest time ever measured in any material of a comparable size.

Researchers develop a low-current solid-state spintronic device

Jun 28, 2016

Researchers from Japan's International center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) developed a new low-current spintronic device. The device can be used to control magnetism at a lower current compared to other spintronics devices.

Fe3O4-based low-current spintronics device structure (MANA)

The new device is simple in structure, and it combines a solid electrolyte with a magnetic material. The researchers believe that such a device could in the future be used to make a high-density very low-power memory device.

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Jun 18, 2016

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Spintronics-Info LinkedIn page

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Jun 09, 2016

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Researchers finally explain ferromagnetism in Mn-doped GaAs

Jun 08, 2016

Researchers at Tohoku University managed to find the origin and the mechanism of ferromagnetism in Mn-doped GaAs. This phenomonon has been puzzling researchers for over 20 years, and this new explanation may help to accelerate the development of spintronic devices made from such materials.

Tohoku Crystal structure of (Ga,Mn)As

Mn-doped GaAs crystals exhibit characteristics and properties of both semiconductor and magnet. It is possible to use an electric field to control the magnetism in such materials - which makes them very appealing candidates for spintronic devices.