Rhomap established to develop measurement systems for Spintronics and other applications

Durham University spun-off a new company called Rhomap to develop manufacture-to-order scientific instrumentation for high precision magneto-transport measurement systems. Rhomap's instruments targets new materials and next generation semiconductors, photovoltaics, spintronics and ferromagnetic systems.

The new Ohmpoint Measurement System is a flexible research tool that offers a range of software selectable sample connection probe geometries in one system. The instrument allows users to measure resistance in two or four point geometry, sheet resistance and magneto-transport behavior, including Hall effect and magnetoresistance. The flexibility of the system also enables the user to easily select between individual measurements and batch scanning of multiple samples.

The Ohmpoint system is controlled through the bespoke MeasureR software interface that provides a flexible and intuitive user experience.

Posted: Aug 08,2011 by Ron Mertens