Power Spintronics: converting magnetic energy to electric voltage efficiently and directly

Researchers are suggesting a new application for Spintronics - a highly efficient and direct conversion of magnetic energy to electric voltage by using magnetic nanostructures and manipulating the dynamics of magnetization. This conversion could be the foundation for future development of spin-based power electronics. The researchers call this "power spintronics".

Using an experimental model, it was found that a power spintronics-based device may one day be a promising approach to obtaining alternating current (AC) voltages from direct current (DC) magnetic fields. The researchers demonstrated for the first time the feasibility of a device that generates a voltage based on manipulating an effective magnetic field within a nanowire that arises from width modulation.

Testing a one-dimensional model, it was shown that DC magnetic field characteristics such as magnitude, and design parameters such as wire width, can be used to control, or "tune," the frequency and amplitude of AC current. A variable frequency ranging from megahertz to gigahertz can be achieved.

Posted: Jan 04,2013 by Ron Mertens