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Spintronics is the new science of computers and memory chips that are based on electron spin rather than (or in addition to) the charge (used in electronics). Spintronics is an exciting field that holds promise to build faster and more efficient computers and other devices.

Recent spintronics News

C-SPIN researchers discuss topological insulators

Aug 23, 2016

The University of Minnesota (UMN) published yet another video, interviewing several researchers at the Center for Spintronic Materials, Interfaces, and Novel Architectures (C-SPIN). The topic this time is topological insulators - priming new class of materials.

Topological insulators are materials in which the edges are conductive but the rest of the material acts like an insulator).

Researchers create a field-effect light switch - on the way to optical spintronics

Aug 19, 2016

Researchers from Cambridge University developed a semiconductor assembly that acts as a field-effect light switch. Such a device could bridge the gap between optics and electronics - and lead the way towards optical spintronics.

Cambridge field-effect light switch image

The researchers were able to "spin-encode" light so it can carry data. Light has several advantages over electrical signals at the nanoscale - and can lead to devices which are more efficient, have a larger bandwidth and are more secure. This liquid-light switch could act sort of like a nanophotonic torque converter, translating information from the electrical regime into optical signals.

Researchers manage to turn gold magnetic

Jul 28, 2016

Researchers at Japan's Tohoku University discovered that gold can be magnetized - and this magnetization is induced by the heat flow driven by a temperature change.

Magnetic-gold experiment scheme (Tohoku, 2016)

The researchers demonstrated this by a simple experiment that used a thin film of gold on top of a block of Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) - an insulator magnet. The researchers made sure that the temperatures of the gold and the YIG were different, and they then applied a magnetic field parallel to the heat flow. The Hall voltage (measured in the gold film by in-plane electric current), showed a clear proportional dependence on the applied temperature gradient.

Researchers create a promising new spintronics compound

Jul 22, 2016

Researchers from MIT, NIST, Carnegie Mellon University and the Beijing Institute of Technology demonstrated a new hybrid compound that is both intrinsically (exotic) magnetic and has a topological character.

Gt-Bi-Pt compound crystals (MIT)Crystals of Gadolinum, platinum and bismuth

The compound, made from gadolinium, platinum, and bismuth, is an antiferromagnet, and it exhibits the largest Berry phase corrections to electronic behavior to date.