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A new guide to promising perovskite materials: The Perovskite Handbook

The Spintronics-Info team takes pleasure in recommending our new book - The Perovskite Handbook. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to perovskite materials, applications and industry. Perovskites offer a myriad of exciting properties and has great potential for several industry -including the spintronics one.

The Perovskite Handbook

We believe that any spintronics professional would find that perovskite materials are an area of focus that should not be ignored. The promising perovskite industry is currently at a tipping point and on the verge of mass adoption and commercialization and the first display-related perovskites are already reaching the market.

New Spintronics-Info LinkedIn page and group

We are happy to invite all our readers to follow the new Spintronics-Info LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn is a great place to meet and find new professionals. If you follow the new company page, you will get spintronics updates directly to your feed, and also be able to connect to other spintronics professionals.

Spintronics-Info LinkedIn page

In addition to the company page, we have also setup a new Spintronics interest group - which will hopefully become a new forum for discussions and an exchange of knowledge, news and opinions. All focused on Spintronics, of course. Join our new group now!

Feature our spintronics news in your site!

Spintronics-Info has been providing objective and up-to-date spintronics market news, as well as in-depth articles and commentary for over 10 years. We are now happy to offer the opportunity to embed our spintronics news directly in your web site, at no cost.

If you're looking to enrich the experience of your web site visitors, our market news can grant them a glimpse into spintronics technology, news and market status.

RRAM-Info, a new Metalgrass knowledge hub

We are happy to announce a new Metalgrass knowledge hub,, that focuses on RRAM, or Resistive RAM technology. RRAM is a promising next-generation storage-memory candidate, based on memristors - materials that change their resistance.

RRAM-Info will bring you daily news, commentary and updates about RRAM memory technologies. You can subscribe to our weekly RRAM newsletter here - and if you have not done so already, be sure to also subscribe to the free spintronics newsletter!