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NVE reports its financial results for Q1 2017

Spintronics developed NVE Corporation reported its financial results for Q1 2017. Revenues reached $6.85 million (up 12% from Q1 2016), due to 23% increase in product sales (offset by 49% decrease in contract R&D revenues). net income increased 16% to $3.03 million.

NVE recently introduced three new and improved products; a low-field angle sensor, a new spintronics mangetometer sensor (which is the world's smallest high-performance integrated circuit analog sensor) and the world's smallest high performance isolated network transceiver.

NVE awarded $224,000 by the NSF to develop food safety spintronics sensors

NVE Corporation has been awarded a one-year $224,000 contract by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop Spintronics-based biosensors to enhance food safety. NVE will cooperate on the research with the University of Minnesota and the University of Florida.

The contract is titled "Real Time Detection for Salmonella", and its goal is to develop sensors capable of faster detection of food-borne pathogens than current techniques while retaining equivalent sensitivity. The sensor could also be extensible to other biomarkers and could be envisioned as a critical point-of-care sensor in the medical industry.

NVE reports financial results

NVE Corporation announced their last financial results for the quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, 2010. Total revenue in the quarter were $8.18 million (compared to $6.9 in the prior-year quarter). Net income was $3.6 million.

For fiscal 2010, total revenue increased 20% to $28.1 million from $23.4 million for the prior fiscal year. The increase was due to a 15% increase in product sales and a 50% increase in contract research and development revenue. Net income for fiscal 2010 increased 23% to $12.0 million.

NVE Introduces New TMR Angle Sensor

NVE Corporation today announced the introduction of the AAT001-10E TMR Angle Sensor, NVE’s first commercial sensor to use Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR), which produces an even “more giant” signal than Giant Magnetoresistance.

Also known as Spin-Dependent Tunneling (SDT), Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ), or Tunneling Magnetic Junction (TMJ), Tunneling Magnetoresistance is a spintronic quantum effect that produces a dramatic resistance change in a normally insulating layer, depending on the magnetic field and thus the predominant electron spin in a free layer. The new device has four TMR elements configured as an angle sensor with full quadrature sine and cosine outputs.

NVE Corporation Reports Third Quarter Results, Working on Anti-Tamper MRAM

NVE Corporation announced today financial results for the quarter and nine months ended December 31, 2008.  Total revenue for the third quarter of fiscal 2009 increased 23% to $5.88 million from $4.77 million in the prior-year quarter. The revenue increase was due to an 8% increase in product sales and a 150% increase in contract research and development revenue. Net income for the third quarter of fiscal 2009 increased 45% to $2.47 million.

NVE reported a strong growth in contract R&D. In the conference call, Daniel Baker (company's CEO) said - "Most of the contracts that we're working on right now are related to anti-tamper MRAM".