Researchers from the Swedish KTH Royal Institute Technology have managed to create a magnetic Soliton (spin torque-generated nano-droplet). This magnetic nano-droplet was theorized over 30 years ago, but was finally created now. The researchers say that such devices can have many applications, for example to replace microwave technology used in mobile phones with a much smaller, efficient and cheap component.

Solitons (solitary waves that behave like particles and retain their shape when moving at a constant speed) have been used before for long distance, high speed information transmission. This is the first time a Soliton was created in a magnetic environment. The droplet the researchers developed is about 50-100 m in size. At their center, magnetization points towards the opposite direction, both against the surrounding spin (a quantum physical property) and the applied magnetic field.

The researchers started to modify spintronic oscillators back in 2010, in order to prove that magnetic nano-droplets exist. Now they managed to actually create the droplet and patented the process.