Researchers discover a way to convert spin information into light signals

Reseaerchers from TU Delft developed a method to convert the spin information into light signals at room temperature. The researchers hope that this method could enable opto-spintronics devices.

The researchers used a device made from a thin silver thread and a 2D tungsten disulfide film on top. Using circularly polarised light, the researchers created excitons with a specific rotational direction (that could be intitialized using the rotational direction of the laser light). The excitons emit photons when they relax. And the emitted light contains the spin information.

The researchers report a direct link between the spin information and the propagation direction of the light along the silver nanowire. In 90% of cases the spin information is 'launched' in the right direction along the thread. This method basically converts the spin information into a light signal.

Posted: Jan 26,2018 by Ron Mertens