NVE Notified of Patent Grant for Superparamagnetic Devices

NVE Corporation has been notified by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of the expected grant today of patent number 7,355,822, titled "Superparamagnetic Devices" and assigned to NVE.
Superparamagnetism is the magnetic state of a material between highly ordered parallel spins (ferromagnetism) and randomly ordered spins (paramagnetism). The superparamagnetic effect occurs in ferromagnetic structures smaller than a critical value or at temperatures higher than a critical temperature.
Superparamagnetism can improve the accuracy of spintronic sensors because a small sensed field is sufficient to order the spins in a superparamagnetic material. More accurate sensors are useful in a number of applications including military, medical, and biosensor.
Posted: Apr 10,2008 by Ron Mertens