Handbook of Spintronics

This massive two-volume 1,500 pages book covers all aspects of spintronics science and technology, including fundamental physics, materials properties and processing, established and emerging device technology and applications.

Comprising 60 chapters from a large international team of leading researchers across academia and industry, this book provides readers with an up-to-date and comprehensive review of this dynamic field of research.

The book includes chapters on the state of the art in device technology and applications, including spin valves, GMR and MTJ devices, MRAM technology, spin transistors and spin logic devices, spin torque devices, spin pumping and spin dynamics and other topics such as spin caloritronics.

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Nanomagnetism and Spintronics, Second Edition

This book covers the most recent research in spin-current generation, spin-calorimetric effect, voltage effects on magnetic properties, spin-injection phenomena, giant magnetoresistance (GMR), and tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR). This second edition provides the background to understand this novel physical phenomenon and focuses on the most recent developments and research relating to spintronics.

The book:

  • Provides a concise, thorough evaluation of current research
  • Surveys the important findings up to 2012
  • Examines the future of devices and the importance of spin current
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Organic Electronics: Emerging Concepts and Technologies

This book offers an overview of the tremendous potential of organic electronics, concentrating on those emerging topics and technologies that will form the focus of research over the next five to ten years.

The editors brought together internationally renowned authors to review up-and-coming topics, some for the first time, such as organic spintronics, iontronics, light emitting transistors, organic sensors and advanced structural analysis. This book serves the needs of experienced researchers in organic electronics, graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, as well as scientists active in closely related fields, including organic chemical synthesis, thin film growth and biomaterials.

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Spintronics in Nanoscale Devices

By exploiting the novel properties of quantum dots and nanoscale Aharonov–Bohm rings together with the electronic and magnetic properties of various semiconductor materials and graphene, researchers have conducted numerous theoretical and computational modeling studies and experimental tests that show promising behavior for spintronics applications. Spin polarization and spin-filtering capabilities and the ability to manipulate the electron spin state through external magnetic or electric fields have demonstrated the promise of workable nanoscale devices for computing and memory applications. This book provides researchers investigating this cutting-edge field with detailed background descriptions of spin-based effects and devices and their theoretical analysis in nanoelectronic circuits.

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Spintronics: From Materials to Devices

This monograph examines the concept of half-metallic compounds perspectives to obtain novel solutions and discusses several oxides such as perovskites, double perovskites and CrO2 as well as Heusler compounds. Such materials can be designed and made with high spin polarization and, especially in the case of Heusler compounds, many material-related problems present in current-day 3d metal systems, can be overcome.

Spintronics: From Materials to Devices provides an insight into the current research on Heusler compounds and offers a general understanding of structure–property relationships, including the influence of disorder and correlations on the electronic structure and interfaces. Spintronics devices such as magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) and giant magnetoresistance (GMR) devices, with current perpendicular to the plane, in which Co2 based Heusler compounds are used as new electrode materials, are also introduced.

From materials design by theoretical methods and the preparation and properties of the materials to the production of thin films and devices, this monograph represents a valuable guide to both novices and experts in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science.

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Manufacturer: Springer
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Magnetic Nanostructures: Spin Dynamics and Spin Transport

The present volume covers the most important and most timely aspects of magnetic heterostructures, including spin torque effects, spin injection, spin transport, spin fluctuations, proximity effects, and electrical control of spin valves.

The chapters are written by internationally recognized experts in their respective fields and provide an overview of the latest status.

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Spintronics with individual metal-organic molecules

This book discusses two ideas of using individual metal organic molecules in applications for data storage. The first is using metal-free phthalocyanine form a GMR contact consisting of one single molecule leading to the world smallest magnetic sensor. The second idea is using chromium acetylacetonate to study the properties of magnetic molecules adsorbed on surfaces in order to build magnetic bits for date storage.

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